• Brand logo change

    Brand logo change

    Dear partners:

    Please be advised that DCL will start using its new brand name, Dewtek, from October 1, 2021 while the older one, Dilemma, would remain effective for some time afterwards. (That is, technical documents containing the current company name remain valid after October 2021.) 

    We appreciate your continuous supports with many thanks.
  • 2019經濟部 新創事業獎 熱泵污泥乾燥機 二方企業Dewtek 封面.jpg

    Won the 2019 Business Starup Award by MOEA, ROC

    Dewtek is more than glad to be recognized by MOEA and National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises for its development in refrigeration and air conditioning and heat pumps.
  • cover-天使計劃.jpg

    Acknowledged by the 2017 Angel Program, National Development Council of the Executive Yuan

    Dewtek is grateful to be acknowledged by competent authorities in its development of refrigeration and air-conditioning and heat pump.