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    Dewtek drying system

    Dewtek drying systems and technology

    Is it amazing that you can cut the treatment costs lower than removing them while maximizing resource utilization by simply adding a drying process?
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    Corrosion Protection Technology.jpg

    Corrosion protection technology

    Dewtek equipment coated by its environment engineering grade technology are subjected to repeated tests and tunings to maintain their durability and operational efficiency despite harsh environments
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    Integrated Sludge Dryer

    Batch Drying Equipment / Integrated

    Dewtek has won patents for the industry's smallest drying equipment for erecting anywhere and operating in small sites with a limited amount of sludge.
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    Single Unit Split Sludge Dryer

    Batch Drying Equipment / Split

    Employ fully welded air ducts to prevent air leakage and feature better airtightness.
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    Continuous Sludge Dryer-01.jpg

    Continuous Drying Equipment

    Patented compact design to cut steel structure significantly.
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    Liquid concentration-crystallization machine-01.jpg

    Liquid concentration-crystallization machine

    The system not only reduces waste by concentration treatment but also cascades the filtration system and primary liquid production line to recycle and reuse chemical agents.
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    Heat pump energy system

    Heat pump array technology

    Run the system at just 30% of the operating cost for electric heaters under appropriate conditions while delivering more energy at a more stable temperature.
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    Peripheral equipment

    Peripheral equipment --

    In addition to equipment covering different specifications, Dewtek also provides optional peripherals and upgrades.