Continuous Drying Equipment

Continuous Drying Equipment

Continuous Drying Equipment

Patented compact design to cut steel structure significantly.
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Compact structure 

Employ automatic instead of standalone drying design, the system cuts air duct and steel structure significantly as well as set up pipe length and unloading port according to type and conditions of sludge. The entire system features closed sludge discharge. Components requiring regular maintenance or service are located at a position easy for access according to requirements and working conditions.(The official website shows a limited number of solutions available. Call or contact us for any of your special needs.)


  • Compact design to cut space requirements significantly.
  • Suitable processing sludge of volume 300kg or more each day.
  • Automation requirements.


Bring you more possibilities

You may see no air ducts being critical components of conventional large-scale drying equipment.
Easier to dry any kind of sludge with integrated crushing and mixing technology. Cascading a limited number of modules to process big objects and take care of labor shortage for automation.

    Model     Recommended processing
volume (moisture content)
 Weight reduction
Energy consumption
area (sqm)
   kg/day         kg/hr      kw   kwh/kg   Continuous Drying Equipment
SD-300 600 450 300 11.3~13.8 4.2~5.2 0.3~0.5 0.48 圖片
SD-600 1200 900 600 22.5~27.5 10.2~12.8 1.32
SD-1000 2000 1500 1000 37.5~45.8 14.3~17.9 1.32
SD-1250 2500 1875 1250 46.9~57.3 20.5~25.6 -
SD-1450 2900 2175 1450 54.4~66.5 23.3~29.1 1.25
SD-1900 3800 2850 1900 71.3~87.1 29.7~37.1 2.8
SD-2000 4000 3000 2000 75.0~91.7 37.3~46.6 -
SD-2300 4600 3450 2300 86.3~105.4 37.3~46.6 -
     The content of catalogue is subject to change based on the actual requirements and working conditions. The Company reserves the right to make changes in designs.